Martin twins enjoying NBA life together after taking different paths

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KOLO) - After a lifetime of traveling down the same road together, Caleb and Cody Martin had to take different paths to reunite in the NBA.

"I prepared myself for weeks not to get drafted, so I was okay with not getting drafted," said Caleb. "I was sky high for my brother, for sure."

Cody was taken in the second round of the draft by the twins' home state Charlotte Hornets, a bittersweet moment with Caleb not hearing his name. Though deep down, the former Wolf Pack All-American knew there was a place for him in the league.

"You come in the gym every day. you see guys you're competing against and you know you're better than some of these guys," said Caleb. "I got the opportunity. That's all i could ask for. a fair opportunity and I'd handle the rest."

And Caleb did - showing out in the preseason after signing with Charlotte as a free agent. His strong play earning him a roster spot.

"I see him work every day," said Cody. "He earned it. I give him a ton of credit."

Now the dynamic duo has been restored, with the North Carolina kids starting their lives as NBA players, by each other's side. The Martins became the first set of twins in NBA history to debut in the same game, for the same team. It's only fitting their first buckets were both the same - alley-oop dunks.

"Just to be blessed to play with each other for this long. It means a lot," said Cody. "For us to do this here on this stage. It's kinda unreal."

"It really could be a movie, to be honest with you," said Caleb. "I feel like this is a one in a billion situation. For us to end up on the same team, in our home state."

And after a humbling journey, full of adversity, and not for the faint of heart.

"None of this has anything to compare with how we grew up. This is the easy part," said Caleb. Things won't go as planned, you'll get upset about stuff and things won't go the way you want them to. But at the end of the day, it's basketball."