Former Nevada standout Hunt details crazy journey home from overseas amid COVID-19

As the Coronavirus pandemic started to grow, former Wolf Pack basketball star Dario Hunt was playing professionally in Montenegro, the last European country to confirm a case of COVID-19. With borders shut down, it took a stroke of luck for Nevada's all-time leader in blocked shots to make it back to the United States.

"We just knew, because we're in a smaller country, it'd be harder to get out if things kept escalating," Hunt said via Skype from his home in Arizona.

Communicating with the U.S Embassy in Montenegro, Hunt was eventually woken to a call from a teammate saying a flight to Paris was available that afternoon.

"You just take everything that wasn't already packed and sweep it in the bags," said Hunt. "I got out of the house in probably 20 minutes. One of my teammates hopped in with me, and we booked it to the airport."

Upon landing in Paris, Hunt was hit with another dilemma.

"We get turned away (at Customs)," Hunt said. "If you're not a French citizen, nobody can step foot in Paris, because at this point Paris was on complete lockdown."

With no flight yet booked, Hunt and his teammates alerted their team in Montenegro, which booked them flights for the next day simply so they could advance to the transfer area.

"It was very surreal. You're walking thru entire terminals that are normally packed with people," Hunt said.

"Just completely empty. Like a ghost town."

Hunt and his group paid an Air France employee to cross Customs and buy them food from a local convenience store. They eventually slept on the floor that night.

"Luckily, I was able to get on a 1 p.m. flight the next day," Hunt said. "So I spent about 24 hours in the airport, just waiting."

And he's still waiting ... for the baggage he couldn't pick up past Customs in Paris.

"After a week, I got one bag," Hunt said. "I'm still waiting on another. It's been almost three weeks."

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