Fallon's Dalager paving the way in Nevada

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FALLON - NV Fallon's Chelle Dalager is making history. She's the only female head coach of a boys basketball team in the state of Nevada. In fact, the NIAA doesn't have record of there ever being a female head coach in boys basketball.

"Somebody had asked me to apply and kind of encouraged me to and I didn't think I would get it obviously being a woman in the male basketball world, but times have changed a little bit," said Fallon boys basketball coach Chelle Dalager.

"We take that to heart because we understand that we want to set the bar really high, so other female coaches will try to step up and show off their talent and I'm excited to see if other schools around the nation and in Nevada can do that," added Fallon junior Trey Rooks.

Prior to coaching the Fallon boys, Dalager spent many years as the girls head coach leading the Green Wave to state twice. And this is not her first year coaching boys.

"All of these kids that play for me now have played tournament youth basketball for me since they were probably fourth grade and on up through their seventh and eighth grade year and then we did some AAU basketball," said Dalager.

"It feels just like home to have someone you've been around for multiple years is just comforting," added Rooks.

And while Chelle is the only female head coach in boys basketball in the entire state of Nevada, coaching is coaching.

"The game is the same and so the X's and O's to me are the same," says Dalager.

"For the most part it doesn't really feel any different. She's gonna do what normal coaches do, she's gonna get on you if you make a mistake, she's gonna be there, she's gonna be active when things don't go good, she's always gonna be in your ear," added Fallon senior Christian Nemeth.

The Green Wave are off to a fast start with a 6-2 record and Fallon hopes this is just the beginning.

"There's some high stakes here and we could ultimately go on and play in a state championship and I believe we have the ability to do that," said Dalager.

"That was one of the things that we set out from the very beginning is a state championship and I definitely think we can achieve that," added Nemeth.