Equestrian team vaulting into the spotlight

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RENO, NV (KOLO) It's a sport unlike you've ever seen.

"It's sort of like gymnastics," said vaulter RyleeBelle McAnally.

"I would describe it as gymnastics and dance atop a horse," added vaulter Lily Dailey.

It's called equestrian vaulting, and there's a team based in Lemmon Valley.

"It's a rush, it's fun, it's outside," said Silver State Vaulters owner Mary Pollard. "It's a great gym. These guys have to have such strong core, such strong muscling, such strong everything."

The Silver State Vaulters are the only AVA (American Vaulting Association) club in Northern Nevada. There are regional, national and international competitions where they score teams on different categories such as walk, trot and canter (which is between a trot and a gallop). There are compulsory events, where it's all based on perfection and technique, and freestyle, where you can really show off your ability.

"This is a team sport, so they learn how to communicate with each other, to work together, to trust each other," added Pollard.

Each team is made of six vaulters, a horse, and a lounger who guides the horse with the line rope. And the incredible thing is that you don't even need experience on a horse to give it a shot.

"Anyone can do it, if you're eight or 85 you can do it," said Dailey. "You can learn, it's really easy. We've had people standing on the horse the first day they come."

Those interested in equestrian vaulting can get more information at Silver State Vaulters

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