Crooks can create fake Facebook accounts using your info

Crooks can create fake Facebook accounts using your info

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - She's well-known as editor of Colorado Springs Style Magazine and a big supporter of local nonprofits, but now Vicki Dimond finds herself under attack.

Someone took her Facebook profile photo and used it to create another, fake account, "Vicki Dimond Dimond."

The impostor tried to friend her 2,000 real Facebook friends, and then started sending some pornographic photos. Others received requests for money, supposedly to help a friend's son with medical bills.

“You feel violated, but you also feel very concerned that someone would solicit funds inappropriately and fraudulently using your name," said Dimond.

Dimond contacted Facebook and also put out a message on her legitimate Facebook page, telling her friends that a phony account created in her name was soliciting donations, and warned them not to fall for it.

“We are very, very blessed with phenomenal non-profits within this market, and they solicit funds professionally and not in this manner, and to see something like this that could potentially reflect on the non-profit community angers me," Dimond said.

IT professionals say there's no way to keep crooks from copying one of your pictures and creating a fake Facebook account in your name or something close to your name.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to go to Facebook “Settings” and perform a privacy checkup.

Look for holes in your account and tighten them up. For example, you can make it so only your friends can see your photo albums.

If you're already Facebook friends with someone and you get another friend request in their name, contact them and let them know a fake account may have been created using their information.
As with anything, if you're suspicious, check it out first.