iPhone app could save lives

Published: Feb. 8, 2016 at 11:50 PM PST
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Emergency responders found a new way to make saving lives a little easier. Your iPhone can give you directions now. It can save your life. In a situation where you're unconscious, your phone can do all the talking.

At every incident, an ambulance is not too far behind. When paramedics respond, they rarely know who they're dealing with.

"Half the calls we go on, we don't know their names, unless they're available to give it to us or the mental capacity to tell us," said Cindy Green, REMSA paramedic. That's when your iPhone comes in handy.

"If you are unconscious, unresponsive, if you're unable to speak, if you're having a stroke or if something like that is going on, we can go into your phone without the code and click on a button," said Green.

It's called the Health app. It's free and it's already built into your iPhone, showing only information that you want health care providers to know.

"The first thing we want to know is what their age is and what their name is and if we get any other information about their medical history, that for sure is a huge help for us."

Here's how you set it up: Make sure your iPhone has updated to the latest version, tap the Health app, fill in the desired information and upload. It's ready to go.

"If you get into a car accident, what if you can't speak? Then we could do that for you. Then we wouldn't have to scramble or hours later contact your family hours later."

The most important pieces of information they need is your name, birthday, one to two emergency contacts and then a list of allergies if you have any.

"We try first and foremost to try to get into their pockets to find their driver's license to get a name and birthday. If we need to we guess their weight or height to give them certain information."

A health care professional is the last person you'd want to guess anything about you. It's vital information that will save your life. Local REMSA employees know about the app and are ready to use it when they get on scene

The only downsides to the app: can only be used if your phone turned on and working, and it's not available for Androids.