eAlarms now on campus

Published: Sep. 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM PDT
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Students have been going to class at UNR for less than a week. But days prior to that during residence hall move-ins, orientation or the welcoming ceremony, they were told about personal safety. For UNR Police, that included an eAlarm.

“We received it, talked about it amongst the staff. So we figured it was a good idea. We actually got a sample sent to us. So we could, it's always nice to touch, feel, and hear for yourself,” says Todd Renwick, UNR Assistant Police Chief.

The device gives off a high-pitched signal when one end is pulled away.

The sound can last up to 30 minutes, and could easily be heard by a passerby--especially in an enclosed area like a parking garage.

The idea: such noise would cause an assailant to leave the area because of the attention the noise would create.

Chief Renwick says students, faculty and others need to have the eAlarms in a handy place.

“You can have it on your body. You can have it on your purse. You can have it on your belt loop. And the idea is you pull the pin. It is as simple as that,” says Chief Renwick.

Renwick says the eAlarms are handed out at self-defense classes taught on campus, or other seminars conducted by UNR Police. They can also be picked up at the police station on campus.

Renwick says, “We will get it to them however. Send us an email and we'll make sure we get them to them,” says Chief Renwick.

The devices have reportedly stopped assailants on campuses in other parts of the country. UNR Police say if that happens here, they will let us know.