Worst appears to be over for California evacuees

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VENTURA, Calif. (AP) - The worst appears to be over for a massive wildfire that plagued a wide swath of the Southern California coast for 2 ½ weeks.

PHOTO: Firefighters are battling wildfires in California, Photo Date: Oct 10, 2017

All but a tiny handful of evacuation orders for the fire were called off by Thursday. At its peak the fire drove about 100,000 people from their homes. Now only a remote wilderness valley is under an evacuation order.

The so-called Thomas Fire could very well still grow to become the biggest wildfire in California history, but as a gentle giant, not a raging beast.

Officials say the only visible flame was on the northern side of the fire where controlled burns set by firefighters to clear vegetation were being conducted.

The fire is responsible for two deaths and destroyed 750 homes.

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