Work-space changes the game for small business

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Local entrepreneurs are getting the chance to follow their dreams thanks to one local man with a dream of his own.

Jon Sarmenta opened a co-working space in Reno called Fusion@Midtown, allowing many small businesses a low-cost professional atmosphere to get established.

"I was working out of coffee shops, libraries and my bedroom, sometimes my car," entrepreneur Lanea Ariel Warren said.

Warren was committed to starting her own business, but needed a work space.

"I really wanted to buckle down and do something that made sense," Warren said.

Four months ago, she saw an opportunity. She opened a business called The Golden Choke that sells one-of-a-kind chokers.

"Chokers are totally in right now, and what's really nice is I have a handmade twist to it," Warren said.

She adds 24-karat gold to each of her handmade chokers. She has sold more than 700 so far, each with a message of female empowerment.

"We're allowing women to express themselves through their walk, their dance, the way they talk, and also the way that they dress," Warren said.

Fusion@Midtown was a game-changer for Warren; she is just one of its many success stories.

"What we ultimately want to do is create sort of an engine that's pumping out these businesses that are creating jobs and creating a self-sustaining economy," Sarmenta said. “Basically the business model is like a gym and you pay monthly."

It gives businesses like the Golden Choke more than just a professional environment..

"With this co-working space, community is everything, that's the thing that a co-working space can share is ideas,” Sarmenta said.

Sharing ideas led to The Golden Choke working with another tenant, Object Works. The business owner, Nick Williams, laser etches wood.

"He actually created my first design concept,” Warren said. Williams etched wood pieces that she uses as merchandising.

Collaboration is good for both business – and ultimately – for Nevada.

"We can say that you know, we're buying local, we're creating local and we're giving local and that's all going back to Nevadans," Sarmenta said.

Fusion@Midtown is holding an open house Friday, December 30 at 800 Haskell St. Reno, NV, 89509. You can see the office space, as well as attend a New Year’s workshop.

Any business can rent a space monthly. It is $149 per month. If you would like to learn more, click here.