South Lake Tahoe officials still remind about snow parking

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KOLO) - At a news conference February 28, 2019, the City of South Lake Tahoe asked people, with more snow on the way this weekend, to be "smart and safe as this storm moves through."

“One of the biggest issues we’ve had this winter is illegally parked cars,” said Ray Jarvis, Public Works Director. “They don’t just delay the snow removal process; they’re dangerous for everyone involved.”

Police say February 17, a snow plow operator hit a completely buried car that was parked in the city easement. After digging out the driver side, a woman police say was homeless and sleeping in the car was found inside. She told police she had been in the car four or five hours and was not hurt, but police say she may not have survived if she had remained in the buried car. She had no cell phone to use to call for help.

“We say this all the time, but it is so important to get cars out of snow removal areas and for everyone to be careful using vehicles during major snow events,” says city spokesman Chris Fiore. “Being inside of a buried car, or starting a car buried in snow could have deadly consequences.”

South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue crews responded to reports of a broken gas line that caught fire Tuesday morning in the Tahoe Verde neighborhood. That happened after icicles crashed onto the gas
meter and severed the line. Crews shut the gas line off and turned the scene over to Southwest Gas.

“This is why we keep urging cleanup,” said Fiore. “When it’s clear out, it’s tempting to want to forget about the snow and get out of the house. Spending a few minutes clearing snow from your roof, cleaning icicles, can save you major headaches down the road.”

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Rear view of car buried in snow/Photo courtesy SLT