NTSB releases report on Sparks plane crash that killed two

The plane that crashed was one similar to this Beechcraft A36.
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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) -- UPDATE: The National Transportation Safety Board has released its report on the cause of a 2016 crash that killed a pilot and passenger in Sparks at an RV park.

The report determined miscommunication between the Beechcraft pilot, 73-year-old John Brown of Reno, and the control tower led Brown to land on a runway very close to that scheduled to be used by two passenger B757 jets.

Wind and traffic conditions made the runway susceptible to high crosswinds and turbulence, and the controller's and pilot's failure to ensure separation from one of the B757s and its wake resulted in a low-altitude encounter with wake vortices from which the pilot was unable to recover.

Wake vortices occur as a result of differences in air pressure above and below an aircraft's wings, usually spiraling to the ground and causing no damage.

The report faults the pilot for decision-making/judgment and not monitoring other aircraft properly, as well as accuracy of communication and controlling the aircraft. Alertness and fatigue is also cited, with the report saying the pilot was on his "fourth and final leg of a 950-mile round trip same day flight."

The controller was also cited for lack of accuracy of communication.

Read the entire NTSB report here.

EARLIER STORY: The Washoe County Medical Examiner's Office has now released the names of both men killed in Tuesday night's plane crash in Sparks. The pilot has been identified as 73-year-old John Brown of Reno; the passenger was 50-year-old James Elliker of Sparks.

The Federal Aviation Administration earlier said one person was in the single-engine Beechcraft A36 that crashed into a Sparks trailer park Tuesday night, and that person was killed in the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board indicated the same thing.

Airport Authority spokesman Brian Kulpin says the NTSB has taken over the investigation.

Ian Gregor with the FAA says the plane was on descent toward the nearby Reno-Tahoe International Airport, but he did not say where the plane was coming from.

The plane crashed into the River's Edge RV Park in Sparks on Rock Boulevard. It happened about 6PM August 30, 2016.

Bob King with Sparks Fire says the plane hit the ground and did not come into direct contact with any RVs. It does appear, though, that fire from the crash spread to surrounding RVs and vehicles.

All residents of the RV park are believed to be accounted for, and most have been allowed back into their homes after being evacuated following the crash. Some living closest to the crash site are being helped by the Red Cross and the Nugget until it is deemed safe for them to return home.

KOLO reporter Sydnee Scofield was one of the first on scene of the crash. She says fire officials early on asked media crews to move further from the scene, as they were concerned that propane tanks from one of the RVs may explode and injure bystanders.

Police ask anyone who comes across any wreckage other than small pieces of glass or shards of metal to report them to police or NTSB investigators on scene.

The Regional Transportation Commission dispatched at least one bus to the area to assist people who evacuated from the crash area. RTC Spokesman Joe Harrington says the bus was being used to shelter evacuees.