Winter weather boosts local business

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The winter weather is turning out to be a post-holiday present for businesses like Bobo's Ski & Patio.

"Well, this weekend it's felt like Christmas," Christopher Peck, apparel manager at Bobo's, says. "We've been packed, a lot busier than normal, especially with the amount of snow we've gotten."

Peck says they've had non-stop customers.

"They're getting prepared, taking this time they can't be skiing and spending their money here," he says.

Kelsey Bolden and Jerome Flournoy are heading to Mount Rose to snowboard. The trip was previously planned, but they say the new snowfall is a bonus.

"We were planning it regardless and it was a week we were going to do it anyways so now this is just another plus for us," Flournoy says.

Bolden is visiting from Los Angeles and says she can't get enough of the snow.

"I love it!" she says. "He's like, eh. I'm being chauffeured and it's lovely."

Peck says in particular, people are buying winter outerwear like gloves and snow pants. He also says they can wax, tune and edge gear, often in the same day.

"We've got plenty of room; we can even get some stuff done same day which is unusual this time of year," he says.