Wild horse rescued from cattle guard north of Silver Springs

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SILVER SPRINGS, Nev. (KOLO)-- A wild horse caught in a cattle guard was rescued Saturday north of Silver Springs in an area known as Damon’s Curve, according to Willis Lamm of the Lyon County Technical Large Animal Rescue volunteers.

Willis Lamm provided this photograph of a wild horse that had been rescued from a cattle guard north of Silver Springs. The horse had just been freed and rested for a few moments.

“Cattle guard rescues are my worst nightmare,” Lamm wrote in a Facebook post. “You have to work up close in a dangerous situation. One wrong move and someone gets hurt or the horse breaks a leg and has to be put down.”

The horse had all four legs stuck in a castle guard. The rescue included using a pry bar to free hooves and using a sling to roll the horse to help free its legs. The hind was the biggest challenge.

At times the horse would fuss and struggle but sometimes nibbled on hay, Lamm wrote.

Rescuers eventually freed the horse and dragged it free of the grate and It walked away.

Willis Lamm provided this photo of a horse that had to be rescued north of Silver Springs. A hind leg is caught between a top tie plate and the T-rail under the grate, Lamm wrote, and not even the Jaws of Life would budge the grate.