Animal Services picks up threatening Red Rock dogs

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) UPDATE: Washoe County Animal Services went to Red Rock the day after this story ran and took possession of five dogs that had been threatening residents. Staff will begin conducting behavioral assessments on each animal, but Director Shyanne Schull says it is too early to state what their outcomes will be.

Washoe County Sheriff's Office deputies were there as backup, but were not needed, according to Spokesman Bob Harmon.

Red Rock dog pack in custody, facing uncertain future

ORIGINAL STORY: Washoe County school children riding bus 1208 in Red Rock have been threatened by a pack of dogs running wild that, parents say, belong to a neighbor neglecting to keep them on his property.

"I feel scared," says Lucas LaCroix, an elementary school student who says the dogs have surrounded the bus several times.

Bus driver Kenneth Thrailkill says he'll do whatever it takes to keep his kids safe.

"They're afraid to get off the bus and I told them I won't let them off the bus until their parents come or I chase the dogs off," Thrailkill says.

Elizabeth LaCroix says she's already filed several complaints with Washoe County Regional Animal Services, but no action has been taken. LaCroix says a horse she trains was bitten by one of the wild dogs as well.

"The animal services option is a wait-and-see option so it's almost like they're waiting for a child to be injured or someone to be hurt until they respond," LaCroix says.

Richard and Teri Gau say thier dog, Ruby, was attacked by the dogs and died from her injuries.

"By the time I got out there," Richard Gau, says, "They were chewing on her and throwing her around."

Gau says he saw the dogs leave his property.

"We took her to the emergency vet down on South Virginia," he says. "They said there was nothing they could do. She was injured too much and they put her down."

Dog trainer Malaika Hinbaugh says the dogs are a product of their environment.

"If the dogs continue to have puppies, there could be 25 dogs out there next year."

Washoe County Regional Services says since the area is considered un-congested, dogs aren't required to stay on their owners' property. WCARC says they will respond to complaints filed if there is a dog that is threatening.

The Department of Agriculture also says they will step in and assist if help is requested by the county or the neighbors because livestock has been affected.