Who is at the gym on Thanksgiving Day?

RENO, NV (KOLO) At Crunch Fitness in Reno, doors opened early this morning, and it wasn't a waste of time.

A slow and steady stream of exercisers has been coming in all day.

That doesn't mean there weren't a couple of changes at the gym on this holiday.

“Yea, we didn't have group classes,” says Chelsey Allen, Crunch Group Fitness Coordinator. “We just wanted to give members access to the gym. But typically class attendance is low on holidays,” she says as the reason for the one day only change.

That should tell you who you might expect to see here on Thanksgiving Day.

They are not just dedicated, but the highly devoted.

This is a lifestyle. Correct,” says Keisha Curtis an exerciser. “It is just what we do. But yes, I am looking forward to pecan pie, pumpkin pie. Seconds and thirds,” she says.

Keisha and others will tell you, it’s not just about working off calories they hope to consume later in the day.

The fact is they probably couldn't.

For these die hard exercisers there's something more than just calories in, calories out.

“Other than work and family, I try to be here as often as I can,” say Eddie Rodriguez. “Try to not make excuses Try to get here six days a week at least,” he says.

The most crowded part of the gym was in the weight area.

Many are like Eddie who come in every day regardless of what day that is.

But they don't all just lift weights

Others will get their heart rates going for a time before they head to dinner.

“Just some cardio,” says Juan Carlos Ramos as he steps off the stair climber. “So for tonight we are going to eat some pabo. So we are ready for tonight,” he says.

Stepping, lifting, jumping, pumping--they give thanks because they can.

Crunch Fitness did limit its hours today so employees could spend the holiday with family and friends.

But they will open the doors again at 5am tomorrow and operate normal business hours, and no doubt these people will follow.