We Want Your Pinterest Wins! (And Fails)

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- If you're a crafter like me, Pinterest is one of your "go to" websites/apps. It's been great for my wedding planning. In fact, I've created a private wedding board, and only my mom has access. She and I can "pin" ideas, and plan the big day together, even though we live 100 miles apart.

If you've had the chance to watch KOLO 8 News Now's 4:30pm newscast, you know that we are striving to make it more family friendly. Of course, you'll get the "eat your vegetables" news stories... the stuff you need to know. But the rest of the show? We want it to be fun.

We've had some producing changes recently, and mom-to-be Kristen is taking over the 4:30 show. Kristen was the very first person to tell me about Pinterest years ago. She, like me, is a huge DIYer. We both like the do it yourself projects because 1) you tend to save money and (2) there's nothing like the satisfaction of seeing your hard work produce something. See an example of one of my "Pin Wins" below, I made my own headboard.

BUT. We've all had those Pinterest fails, too.

So, we're experimenting with the 4:30. We'd love YOU to participate in the show. What Pinterest projects have you totally ROCKED? And what Pinterest projects have you totally FAILED? If we like your story, we want to get video with you, showing "how to" do it right, or where the mistakes can be made. Email us at 430pinterest@kolotv.com

This is one of Sarah's Pinterest "Wins." She made her own headboard. Click through the photos to see her step-by-step process.