Ways to reduce allergy problems in your home

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RENO, NV (KOLO)-- The temperatures are warming up and for allergy sufferers in our area the last few weeks have been rough.

With a large amount of pollen around many are trying to avoid the sniffling and sneezing.

It’s that time of year where we make that transition from spring to summer, but with that change comes the heavy allergies. You may be heading indoors for a sigh of relief. but if the sniffles won't stop, there are ways you can enhance the air quality in your home.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year and that doesn't exclude Northern Nevada. You may call it a "pollenpocalypse," affecting allergy sufferers really bad right now.

Melody Warren is in a constant battle against this powerful punch, and she says it's hard to get things done when you can barely breathe.

"I have to take stuff before I go out and it is definitely more prevalent in the springtime, and I do love to work in the garden so I have to do that, I have to take stuff and sometimes that's hard, it makes you cloudy and bogged down."

Warren, originally from the Bay area, never had an issue with allergies until she moved to Reno. She installed new windows in her home from Window World and with the help of Patrick Smith a sales representative, Warren hopes to improve the quality of air within her home.

"Our windows are designed to minimize air infiltration outside to inside which in return helps reduce the pollen that is inside the home."

Smith says that by installing these windows for Warren it has helped decrease the homeowner's allergies, but cleaning also plays a major role.

"Instead of spraying directly onto the glass and spreading dust, dirt, and pollen throughout the inside of the home or even the outside, spraying onto the towel that you are using to do the cleaning and then using that to wipe down the glass you will help from spreading that pollen within the home," he says.

It doesn't just stop at windows. Smith says the air filter is essential in the home, too.

"It is trapping all the dirt, dust and pollen so it’s really gonna help, by replacing the filter more frequently, to provide cleaner air in the home for the homeowners."

The pollen wont stop from taking over our area but with these simple actions you can make sure those bothersome allergens stay out of your home.

Here are some ways to keep your home free from allergies this spring:

  1. Spring Clean Windows to Snuff Out Sneezing – Windows tend to attract dust and mold, and they’re an entryway into the home for pollen. Our experts will demonstrate how using a cloth with a simple mixture of chlorine bleach and water to wipe down windows is better than using a spray cleaner.

  2. Breathe Easier with Air Filtration – Clean all air filters, air conditioning filters and duct filters. Place air purifiers close to your windows. If you like to keep your windows open, install window screen pollen filters on your windows to prevent plant allergens from flying inside.

  3. An Open-and-Shut Case – Keeping your windows closed during certain times of day and weather conditions can make a big difference. Our experts will explain why it’s important to make sure windows are shut before you go to bed, and when is the best time to leave them open.

  4. Whisk Away Wheezing with Proper Windows – Double-pane windows help keep the outside elements out of your home. Single-pane windows don’t completely seal out the outside air, and they allow condensation to build up. That provides a perfect breeding ground for mold.

  5. Treat Your Window to Allergy-Free Treatments – Lightweight drapes made of cotton or synthetic fabrics are easy to clean in your washing machine, as opposed to heavy dry-clean-only drapes. Our experts will provide examples of washable window shades that are an alternative to dust-collecting blinds.

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