Water safety tips for Labor Day Weekend

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer. Many will be taking advantage of the high temperatures and extra day off.

"We just want people to be safe, have a fun time and enjoy the water on another 90 plus degree type of week," Danny Gleich, Interim Recreation Manager of Aquatics and Athletics, says.

TMFPD Captain Derek Reid says it's important to take an above and below the surface approach to water safety.

"Sunscreen is obviously a good thing, eye protection to reflect the sunlight and when it comes to the use of alcohol the sun and the heat are going to cause an increase in the effect of alcohol which will impair judgment," Reid says.

Both Gleich and Reid say you should always wear a personal flotation device in the river. Kids should wear them in the pool as well if needed.

"Strongly advise that you keep an eye on little ones the water is still moving children can float away and it can happen in a second," Reid says.

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