Waste Management collection days changing for 60,000 Reno area residents

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The day you put your trash out may be changing in parts of the Reno area. If you got an orange postcard, that means you are affected.

Kendra Kostelecky of Waste Management says the changes will impact 60,000 people in Northern Nevada, and the biggest reason for it is the weather.

“Last year we had a lot of snowstorms come in on a Sunday so when the trucks went into the foothills, the plows hadn’t been there yet,” Kostelecky explained. “So the trucks couldn’t complete their routes.”

The weather isn't the only reason for the change.

“We have a lot of growth happening in our community, and that growth doesn’t always happen in a pocket,” she added. “A street that once had five houses may now have eight houses, so we are balancing those routes out so the drivers don’t have too long of a day.”

If you were rerouted for Monday pickup, but you didn't put your trash out, Kostelecky says to put an excess waste sticker on your bagged trash and place it next to your trash bin on your new collection day next week.

if you are not sure if you are affected, or if you need to update your profile information, visit the Waste Management website.

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