Sheriff, prison warn of scam; callers pose as grandkids

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Both the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada Department of Corrections warn that a scam is happening again where a caller claims to be a person’s grandchild and he or she needs money, usually for bail or because of an accident.

The number is spoofed to show it is coming from the front desk of the jail at 775-328-3001 or from the prison.

“It is not unusual for scammers to use personal information about a potential victim’s family members in order to sound credible,” the sheriff’s office said. “This type of information is often easily obtained via the Internet or social media.”

The sheriff’s office says never give money or personal information unless the identity of the caller is 100 percent certain. Check with at least one other member of the family to confirm the story.

“It’s important to remind everyone to be skeptical when receiving a call from any unknown number,” the prison said in a statement.

People who lost money or gave out personal information because of this scam is asked to contact the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office at 775-328-3001 (option 7), to file a report online at, or their local law enforcement agencies.