Current Hug High Hawks react to potential name change

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RENO, NV (KOLO) -- The Washoe County School District's naming committee is deciding what names to give to the future Wildcreek High School and future Career and Technical Academy that will be located at Hug High.

It's the school that many say opened its doors to all races during a difficult time in our history.

"Hug Hawks, I mean it is huge. That kind of dwindling away or going away, it’s really upsetting."

With the brand new high school being built at Wildcreek and serving as a future home to everyone at Hug High School, that will be turned into a new academy, the community along with school officials are considering the names of these two projects.

For Ariana Ortega, a Hug High School sophomore, she says being a Hawk has helped her become the person she is today.

"I've been coming here since I was a freshman and I just wanted to graduate from Hug because that is where I see myself graduating, and I like it here a lot because this is my school, this is where I’ve came."

The school that is located on Sutro Street in Northeast Reno, with multiple single story block buildings was named after Procter Hug who is a Nevada educator and politician.

Teacher Brittany Noble says there was a lot of blood sweat and tears invested into this school that should never be forgotten.

"There is a lot that has gone on here and people deserve to come back and be proud and say hey this is where I went."

The school district is receiving input about the land the high school is currently on and how it should hold its name. Others say that the name, Hug High, should go with students to the new school. The naming committee says your opinions play a major role.

"They always take public input into really strong account, so anybody that can show up to the meetings, speak out for what they think the name matters shows more of a matter of interest."

From the unforgettable sports memories, to walking the halls heading to lunch, it is clear that many Hug Hawks want the name to stay.

The school district created a survey both in English and Spanish that asks whether the name should remain at the location of Hugh High, go to the new high school located at Wildcreek, or change the name of both.

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