Washoe County Sheriff's Office offers outdoor safety tips

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 7:28 AM PDT
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The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) responded to several search and rescue calls in the last week. According to Sheriff Darin Balaam, more people are venturing out to escape their house and to enjoy warmer temperatures.

Although the calls for service have been the same around this time of year, Sheriff Balaam said it’s always a good reminder to be prepared.

“Some people that may have been cooped up and they typically don’t go out, down here its 70 plus degrees, they think I am going to go up on the hills, but up in the hills they may forget that we still have winter conditions.”

He said people need to have enough food, water, and wear appropriate clothing. Sheriff Balaam said to always let someone know your location and to call 911 and stay put when you’re lost or get injured.

Sheriff Balaam also said they anticipate water rescues to increase, and if you do come across rivers do not underestimate the current.

"If you are inexperienced and you want to go hiking, up in the hills or out on the desert, where you never been, and you want to try a new trail that isn't a well-known one, it can be very dangerous."

He continued, "So again, that's why we highly suggest, that you go with people that are more experienced, and never go beyond your limitations, whatever that experience is."

Balaam said if you head outdoors to practice social distancing, bring a mask.

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