Washoe County School District preps for winter

Reno, Nev. (KOLO) The Washoe County School District is preparing for the upcoming winter weather. The district partners with the National Weather Service to help determine if conditions are safe for buses to travel.

"We just want to give them good information," Chris Smallcomb of the National Weather Service said. "Then it's up to them to factor in the safety aspects and things like that."

Last year the district had two snow days and three snow delays, which is slightly higher than average. The main priority is ensuring roads are safe for students and staff to get to and from school safely.

Bus drivers are expected to ensure their equipment is in good working order before the season begins.

"They are concerned for each and every one of the students they have and they have a lot on the buses so they really err on the side of caution with them," Rick Martin, Transportation Director said.

Smallcomb said the weather outlook for the coming season is very uncertain.

"We need to prepare for just about any scenario," Smallcomb said. "We could have more heavy rainfall, snow fall, big snows."

Once a decision is made during inclement weather, WCSD will send a call through its Blackboard Connect systems to the homes of all students and staff members.