Wanted man trying to flee police jumps in Wis. river, gets arrested anyway

Video shows firefighters pull the suspect onto a boat, rescuing him from the water. (Source: Luke Slocum/WITI/Tribune/CNN)

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. (WITI/CNN) - A police chase in Wisconsin ended when a fleeing man had to be rescued after jumping into the Rock River.

Bar manager Jean McDermott was working Friday around noon at Bienfang’s Bar in Fort Atkinson, Wis., when she was interrupted by what was happening outside.

“I seen a police car fly past the front window,” McDermott said. “Go down the side of the building and, then, a second one came flying by. It’s not something you come into work and see every day.”

Investigators say police were chasing after a man who was wanted on a warrant. In an effort to get away, the man jumped into the Rock River, according to police.

The suspect didn’t get very far. Video shows firefighters pull the man onto a boat, rescuing him from the water.

“Hopefully, it’s a lesson learned because it’s not a river I would mess with,” McDermott said.

Police arrested the man, who was not injured during the incident.

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