WCSD explains school security code alerts

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Washoe County School District explains what each school security code alert means and how the district handles each one.

The district said there’s three types of colored codes: green, yellow, and red. Green means school activity is normal and there is no threat to or on the campus.

Code yellow secured school indicates a threat near a campus, like a dangerous person police are searching for within the neighborhood.

The school works to secure the perimeter and teaching continues as normal as possible.

WCSD Emergency Manager Roy Anderson said, “We kind of want to put the school in a protective mode and try to keep whatever is going on off campus from going on campus.”

Code red lockdown is the most serious code. It’s a situation where there’s a life-threatening situation on campus, like explosions, hostage situations, and shots fired. School police and staff take more protective measures during a code red.

Anderson said, “The code red would be a little more heightened security for anytime there’s a situation that’s occurring on campus that has the potential to cause harm.”

Anderson explained the district will do all it can to notify parents that’s including sending multiple forms of communication.

“We try to get them updates if at all possible, even if there isn’t an update we will send out there’s no update and as soon as there is we will send you more information.”

For more information you can click here: https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/11521

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