WCSD addresses safety in schools with community

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RENO, NV. (KOLO) - Wednesday night, the Washoe County School District’s Safe and Healthy Schools Commission hosted a roundtable discussion at Bernice Matthews Elementary School.

Listening to concerns, answering questions, and seeking suggestions.
These are just a few reasons the district held its discussion.

“It’s part of our strategy and protocol, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This is one of our many checks and balances,” says Commission Chair Lisa Ruggerio.

School district experts were on hand updating parents, teachers, and students on the progress of different policies, procedures, and programs, such as single point of entry at schools, the district’s bullying process, and mental health programs.

Cathy Harvey, a parent of two Washoe County high school students, says she went to the event because she wanted find out about, what she says, is a lack of school security at high schools in the district.

“I feel like the high schools are being overlooked in the security area, when that is probably the highest security area they should be concerned with,” says Harvey.

Harvey adds she did get some answers.

“I found out that they do have, what do they call it, their big three. Which is they are trying to fence in all the schools, they are putting in the Columbine locks, which are the locks that lock from the inside instead of the outside, and the single point of entry,” says Harvey.

Harvey says after the meeting she’s feels more informed but is still concerned about school security.

“I was told that it’s just too complicated right now to figure out how to secure a single point of entry for the high schools. They said all but 12 of the high schools have it right now,” says Harvey.

District Superintendent Traci Davis says she went to the event because safety is a top priority for her and adds what her hope is going forward.

“We develop our partnership with the community. That we get more families to come out and learn about what these things are so that they aren’t misconceptions and people are actually receiving facts, and that’s what’s important, so they understand the safety of their children,” says Davis.

There are many ways the district can improve and school officials want your input.

If you missed the meeting and have a question about WCSD safety, you can send a question directly to the Chief of School Police; click here.

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