WCSD Superintendent discusses upcoming rezoning

Published: May. 16, 2019 at 9:09 PM PDT
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Three new Washoe County Schools are set to open in August 2019. Nick Poulakidas Elementary, Sky Ranch Middle and Desert Skies Middle.

“The good part is, yes we build new schools, well, because we have overcrowding. Well, when you have overcrowding, that means you need to take some kids out,” Superintendent Traci Davis explains.

She says there's a great need for re-zoning, as she details, “Is everybody happy? No! But do I think the zoning committee tried to get the best answer to balance school out? Yes! And you're not going to make everybody happy with any decision that you make, and the work that we're doing is long-term; we're looking not just next year but what does that look like in five they build more houses or open more apartments. We've got to be able not to be shifting kids every two or three years.”

For example, Davis says leaders don't want a first grader to enter a school; it becomes full and then the child has to move before they reach middle school.

“They build community, they learn their teachers and the neighborhood kids, but do we have to do that sometimes? Absolutely, as we open up new schools, but we all knew that. You didn't think we were going to open up new schools and not do re-zoning, right?”

Nick Poulakidas Elementary School will take Double Diamond Elementary School off the multi-track calendar and decrease overcrowding at Brown Elementary. Sky Ranch Middle School in Spanish Springs will balance the number of students in nearby middle schools. Desert Skies Middle will take students from four Sun Valley Elementary Schools.

We’re told these 3 are not a part of the upcoming zoning affecting almost 2 dozen schools for the 2020 school year; that will still need Board of Trustees approval. Zoning for the schools mentioned was decided in 2018 to give families a year to plan.

The May 28 School Board of Trustees meeting is set for 2pm at the district's Central Office on East 9th Street.

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