WCSD superintendent gets 'Accomplished' job approval rating

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- In a 4-to-2 vote, the Washoe County School District (WCSD) Board of Trustees gave Superintendent Traci Davis an "Accomplished" job approval rating.

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The board hired a third party human resources firm to review Davis. The firm surveyed staff and community members and interviewed each board member.

Davis was judged on six categories on how she performed during the 2016-2017 school year. The preliminary score that Davis received was 2.67 out of 4, which comes out to "emerging." But the board voted to give her "Accomplished."

"If we stayed at emerging, it would not have given Superintendent Davis the credit for the accomplishments she had made in the ‘Accomplished’ and in the distinguish category,” said Angie Taylor, President of the Washoe County School Board of Trustees.

Both Davis and the board pointed out multiple issues with the review, including Davis receiving a one rating. Her contract states she must be informed about a one rating beforehand, so she can work on it.

The ratings from the Board of Trustees were anonymous.

"It's hard for me to address issues when I don't know who gave me a rating because I can look back and say, did I do what you asked me to do," said Traci Davis, WCSD Superintendent.

Another concern addressed: There are four new board members who didn't see the work Davis did the first half of the school year.

"You guys should have sat down with the old board and figured out what they told her to do. Now you guys are ranking her on something different; that's not fair. That is utterly not fair," said a concerned resident.

Davis also didn't receive a mid-year review, which is in her contract. Taylor took the blame for missing it.

"The month of March, I got a pretty serious health diagnosis and excuse me if my thought process was not on the Superintendent's evaluation," said Taylor.

The review stated Superintendent Davis does a good job of going out into the community and is very knowledgeable about policies and policy governance.

But it noted some things she can work on are doing a better job of talking to all the district staff and improving communication channels within the district.