Washoe County School District teaches social media safety

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - One question many parents struggle with is, how young is too young for children to have their own social media accounts?

That question and more were raised by Washoe County parents and educators at the Nugget Casino Thursday night.

"If your child has a phone, don't think about age limits; the average age is nine years old,” says Dr. Alec Couros. “Think about, are they mature enough to do that? Maybe they're not mature enough until they are 13 or 15 to have a phone."

The Washoe County School District brought in Dr. Couros to help families and staff members learn strategies they can teach to kids about how to be responsible citizens using technology.

"We want kids not only to know how to be good consumers of technology, but how to be respectful friends, if you will, on technology," says Washoe County School District Board President Katy Holland.

The idea is that if each child is taught social and emotional learning skills, the digital world will be a safer place.

This event is part of a series of SEL workshops. Additional topics and speakers will be shared throughout the school year.