Volunteers remove more than 500 pounds of trash from Tahoe

Published: Aug. 5, 2018 at 3:16 PM PDT
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Lake Tahoe is a little more blue after 40 volunteers, including 20 scuba divers, removed 500 pounds of trash from beneath the lake's surface.

“There’s got to be some stuff that has been there since the '50s, that’s never going to go away,” said diver Anmbritt Hakasson.

Cans and bottles were not the only things collected from the area around Bonsai Rock.

“I’m glad we are doing it and it makes me realize we should do the whole lake! Maybe one day. We will get to it,” says Tiffany Rice, co-owner at Tahoe Dive Center.

Kayaks, paddle boarders, and a Tahoe Regional Protection Agency boat were also there to make sure scuba divers wouldn't have to surface every time they found something nature would never decompose.

“When you have your trash, take it with you when you leave,” says Meagan Cassou.