Volunteers help fix Hillside Cemetery

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- After historical headstones were destroyed at the Hillside Cemetery the first week of November, many people showed up Saturday, November 11, to help fix the cemetery.

"Last weekend we had some damage at the cemetery that was rather disheartening," said the President of the Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation, Frances Tryon. "The families were heartbroken that once again, the monuments were toppled."

Tryon found 4 historical headstones, all more than a hundred years old, desecrated.

"When you topple a headstone, you are destroying a family," said Tryon.

The Hillside Cemetery holds Reno's history. It is the oldest established cemetery in Reno.

"It holds every event, plague, mining accident around the area," said Tryon." Our heroes who serve the military, it just holds all of our history."

News of the vandalism sparked public outrage.

"I am very devastated by it," said Ronnie Deribas, a volunteer. "It is sad to know that there are kids or people who have such low standards to do that kind of thing."

So Deribas and his friends decided to head to the cemetery to volunteer.

"To make a difference and lighten up the cemetery again," said Deribas, "I feel like it is sad and it needs to be brought back up."

Tryon was surprised to see how many people showed up. She has volunteers come by every Saturday, but is not used to having so many volunteers.

"This is incredible" said Tyron. "To have the community turn out to help clean the gravesites to help us make things look better."

If you would like to help, Tryon is always looking for volunteers to help maintain the cemetery every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.