Volunteers help beautify Veterans Memorial Cemetery

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FERNLEY, Nev. (KOLO) -- A group gathered at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley Thursday to help do maintenance work as part of a volunteer project.

The volunteers are all workers from several Home Depot stores in Northern Nevada. They participated in the event as part of the Home Depot Foundation's National Celebration of Service Campaign.

But this wasn't just a day of cleanup for these volunteers. Many of them are veterans. Others have relatives who were laid to rest at the cemetery, such as Deana Madrigal, who got emotional. She visited the wall that has her grandfather's name on it.

"Not going to lie; I started tearing up," says Madrigal. "But it's kind of nice. It's nice and it's sad at the same time. It's his final place and he's not here anymore."

The group was made up of more than 40 volunteers who put in new bark, planted new plants, and picked up debris. They also trimmed the grass around the grave markers so the veterans' names could clearly be seen.

Eric Grimes is the superintendent at the cemetery and says the cemetery is known for its pristine beauty, and it wouldn't look the way it does if it weren't for so many people in the community who help out.

"If it wasn't for our cadre of volunteers that come out to help us, we would not have an award-winning cemetery the way it is, because we do not have the staff to do it on our own," says Grimes.

"The veterans have done so much for us to live the way we live, to be the way we are and it's only the right thing we can do to just go out and serve our veterans," says Madrigal.