High-tech city proposed for Storey County industrial park

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STOREY COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) - A new high-tech city is planned for the industrial park in Storey County east of Sparks.

Blockchains, LLC logo.

This city will be on 68,000 acres, roughly the size of Reno, and at the center is a new technology called blockchain that its founders hope will change the way societies interact.

Blockchains, LLC CEO Jeffrey Berns made the announcement November 1, 2018 from Prague in the Czech Republic.

The Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center announced in January it sold 100 square miles of land to Blockchains, LLC. The entire center, which includes Tesla, Google and Switch, was 162 square miles.

Blockchains, LLC is a company advocating a new way to store data. At the presentation, Berns talked about keeping home titles listed in blockchains. And NV Energy Wednesday announced a memorandum of understanding with Blockchains, LLC to develop “energy projects powered by blockchain technology.” From Prague, Berns said the NV Energy deal will allow customers to create, store and buy energy.

Blockchains are similar to a database in that blocks of data are linked. The data are stored in different places. The related data in an earlier database are used to create a subsequent database, so it is hard to tamper with the data. And privacy is protected since the complete data picture is not kept in one place.

Blockchains are best known for being the technology behind the cyber currency Bitcoin, although Blockchains, LLC does not work with Bitcoin.

The city Berns wants to create will have houses, apartments, condominiums, banks and stores, Berns said in a presentation that was live-streamed.

“It’s not so much a city as a series of different projects to highlight the power of the public blockchain,” Berns said.

There are also plans for a 1,000-acre campus that Berns called Blockchains Graphene Valley, a play on Silicon Valley. Graphene is a carbon material used in a variety of devices, including electronics and electricity storage generation.

The campus will emphasize artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and three dimension printing, “all using blockchains as their core.”

He said it will also having an arena for electronic gaming, which he thinks could surpass athletic sports, and will allow teams to be created and get sponsors.