Vision Zero task force announces new long term plan

Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 3:34 PM PDT
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The vision zero task force met at the Nugget on Tuesday to announce its long term plan.

That plan - is to eliminate all pedestrian deaths in our area by 2030.

The organization is made up of local community leaders who will make data-driven decisions to improve safety throughout our community.

“A regional approach is always the most effective,” said Reno City councilwoman Neoma Jardon. “We are only going to solve it if we come together to address it, and that is what we are launching here today is this regional effort.”

The organization encourages you to wear a light up arm band if you are walking at night.

87 arm bands were worn at Tuesday’s event, one for each of pedestrians killed in our area from 2007-2017.

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