Virtual comedy show raising money for Food Bank of Northern Nevada

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 8:07 AM PDT
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Marc Yaffee and Adam Stone are hosting a virtual comedy show to raise money for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

"You know we can't do live comedy shows so we thought this would be a great idea to help raise some money and make some people happy," said Stone.

Yaffee recently volunteered at the Food Bank, handing out supplies at their drive-through distribution site.

"When you see several thousand cars come through in a couple of hours you say hey I think this is a need," said Yaffee.

And that need has grown during this pandemic, with some many people now out of work and asking for some help.

"You can be on top and making good money one day and then poof, your business is gone and your belly doesn't know how many zeroes you do or don't have in your checking account," added Yaffee.

They decided to do a comedy show, not just to raise money for a vital community resource, but also to bring some joy to people during this uncertain time.

"A lot of people, they've been home for months now and they want to get out," added Stone. "So we thought why not bring what they would go out to go and see, let's bring it in."

"This is a tool we have," continued Yaffee. "People need to laugh, people need to eat. Why not combine that."

It's a new frontier for both the comedians and their fans, trying to navigate their way online and bring their show to people virtually. And it's certainly a learning process.

"Obviously we're not getting to use all of the tools in our arsenal as far as full body language, pauses, walk up to the edge of the stage," added Yaffee.

But the point is to bring some fresh entertainment, all while supporting a crucial cause.

"Most Americans are about a paycheck or two from being on the streets, so this is close to my heart," said Stone. "It should be close to everybody's hearts because we all need food to survive and I couldn't imagine going to bed hungry."

The show is scheduled for Saturday, May 30th at 8pm. It will be held both on Zoom and the

Facebook page. People are asked to donate whatever they can; and nothing is too little. Just one dollar provides up to three meals at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

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