Ventilator orders jump dramatically

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Triad Technologies is now producing at least 100,000 ventilators.

Workers filling order for 100,000 ventilators placed with Triad Technologies at 8900 Double Diamond Parkway in Reno.

The Company's CEO Greg Latimer says there is a change in tone at his Company as the orders for ventilators continues to grow from the first one placed March 10, 2020 for 10,000.

"It kind of puts us in a bit of a pressure cooker. I mean there's a lot of people getting somewhat tired and they're thankful to have a job when others aren't right now," Latimer said.

Triad Technologies is maxing out ventilators production at 24 hours a day five days a week because Vortran Medical Technology in Sacramento assembles and tests the parts made in Reno. "It takes them quite a little while to do that so it's kind of a bottle neck for them. We're hoping to be able to assist them in the assembly at least and some of the testing, but Vortran is responsible for final testing," Latimer said.

Several signs have been put up inside Triad Technologies to help motivate workers. Some of the signs read remember only you can prevent COVID-19, wash your hands, and Washoe hands.
"We're trying to do our best to put out be as productive as we can without over working or burning out our people," said Latimer.

The order of 100,000 ventilators is expected to grow to 500,000.  

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