Vandals damage new homes in Sparks development

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:48 PM PST
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Vandals have hit multiple homes at thew new

development in Sparks.

"They're just out, just causing damage, just being a nuisance," Damon O'Connell, of the Sparks Police Department, says.

Sparks Police are investigating several cases of vandalism to the homes that are under construction. O'Connell says they are causing damage but they are not taking anything.

"Whoever it is, is throwing rocks through the sliding glass door, gaining entry into the house and then just causing damage to the inside of the residence," O'Connell says.

Newly moved in neighbors say they want this to stop. The vandalism forced them to move in later than planned. Officials say homes under construction are an easy target.

"Nobody living at the residence, easy access," O'Connell says. "They're doing it at times where you don't have a lot of people out and there's not a lot of people who would see this happening."

O'Connell says if you see something suspicious, you should call police immediately.

"Let us come out and check on this let us try to protect their property," he says.

Sparks Police will also be increasing patrols in the area and officers will be checking the entire subdivision throughout the night.

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