Uptick of 'bearglaries' seen around Lake Tahoe

Published: Jul. 25, 2018 at 6:09 PM PDT
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The California Department of Wildlife says the Lake Tahoe area is a hot spot for bear activity. Many residents have reported break-ins to homes and cars.

Tina Cullen says she and her husband woke to find a bear had forced its way into their basement.

"My husband came down and made a loud growl sound and first reflex was to make that noise," Cullen says.

But it was their dog, Marly, that jumped in to save the day. Marly confronted the bear and chased it out of the basement.

"Marly was just in front of us and the fear of protecting us and took off after the bear to get him out of the house, which she did," Cullen says.

Jason Holley of the California Department of Wildlife says bears are becoming food-habituated.

"That means they're used to having our food," Holley says. "Instead of taking eight hours to get their calorie intake, they can find a cabin and in twenty minutes take care of their whole day's worth of food."

Holley recommends using deterrents like bear boxes or placing Pine Sol near doors and windows because bears don't like the smell.

"It's even more important to keep places clean as they can because that will attract bears if it's not clean."

You should immediately call 911 if you do encounter a bear.