School District provides update on Wildcreek school

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) About 40 people showed up to get an update on the new high school planned for the site of Wildcreek Golf Course.

The new high school is made possible by a ballot initiative passed by Washoe County voters in 2016 which added to our local sales tax---that money is earmarked for new schools and repairs to existing schools.

“Well, taxpayer dollars. The way Washoe County is, spend money over the years, wasted it, and this project is going to be in the $300,000,000 range. You can bet on it,” said Rich Lawlor on why he went to the meeting.

The high school will be built on the site of Wildcreek Golf Course. Lawlor is not thrilled about that. The course will be cut in half, nine holes, to make way for the new high school; the alterations should begin at the end of the year.

Architect Tim Default explained to the group this new high school will be built to withstand 100 years.

“We strive to do a school facility that is durable that stands the test of time. That has the capacity to flow and change as education flows and changes,” said Default.

Default says the high school will be situated on the north section of the 220-acre lot. Taking up 75 acres, the golf course will become an executive course run by a yet-to-be-determined agency selected by Washoe County.

The high school should hold 2500 students pulled from Hug High down the street and the north half of Sun Valley.

Lawlor, an avid golfer at Wildcreek, wonders if this isn't all a band-aid solution.

“I think they should build a school out in the middle of nowhere between Sun Valley and Spanish Springs. If they are going to spend this kind of money. Do it right. Do it where the growth is,” said Lawlor.

These meetings are designed to address concerns by homeowners in the area. Many of their questions revolved around traffic congestion once the school is built. There are no plans yet on how the increase in cars and buses will impact the area and how it will be mitigated.

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