UNR students adjust to all digital learning

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Due to COVID- 19, students at UNR are having to finish out the semester by doing everything online.

“You get an email with a code and you join a huge skype call,” described Kaylee Sterling, a pre-med student at UNR. “Everyone mutes themselves and the professor starts speaking and they share their screen with you so you can see what they are writing.”

Sterling and her roommate Kaitlin strode agree the new system of taking classes through the Zoom conferencing app has been quite an adjustment.

“My chemistry class was really hard to grasp anyways,” she explained. “Now to have to do it all online is very hard.”

All tests are timed, but only some allow the use of notes. The ones that don’t are proctored.

“Its very interesting how they do it,” Strode explained. “You have to show your room every 15-20 minutes. You have to have a hand held mirror to show there aren’t any notes on your computer. You can’t have headphones in, and you can’t have anyone in the room.”

Both roommates say learning this way isn’t ideal, but understand why they have to do it. They both also agree that there is one advantage.

“Not having to wake up as early and go to campus,” Sterling remarked.

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