UNR ranks 25th in nation for most 'sugar babies'

RENO, NV (KOLO) Many Americans are paying off student loans, each contributing to the national total of $1.52 trillion. Most student borrowers will pay off their loans in their 40s through traditional methods, but more than two million students in the United States have turned to Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies to help pay for college.

Seeking Arrangement says according to its most recent report, the University of Nevada, Reno ranked 25th in the nation.

Samuel Pelligrino is one of the UNR students taking advantage of the mutually beneficial relationship he found on the site. Pelligrino says his "Sugar Mommy" has helped him tremendously by paying for school and providing financial support for his clothing line.

"When she offered to help me out and to help pay for school I was so excited, because it was something I never thought would become possible or tangible at all," he says.

Pelligrino says his relationship with his "Sugar Mommy" includes spending time together and going on dates, and she provides him with money, clothes and tuition.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas ranks 8th with more than 500 "Sugar Babies" on the site.

In 2018, state tuition fees in Nevada averaged $4,703 per semester. The average monthly allowance a Sugar Daddy or Mommy provides is $3,000.

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