UNR student finds alleged evidence forcing fraternity suspension

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - On an evening in early October 2018, Jazmine Orozco Rodriguez says she went into the University of Nevada, Reno Knowledge Center to use a computer to complete some homework. What she found still open on the web browser was a disturbing surprise.

"Shock, I think, is the most appropriate word," says Orozco Rodriguez.

She discovered a logged-into private Facebook account for members of UNR's chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

"My initial reaction was to just log out and log back into my account, but then I saw that there was a PDF, you know, there available and, it just, I guess, got my curiosity."

The document included a number of concerning songs, says Orozco Rodriguez.

"A good amount of them were also, had tones of rape culture in them and just sexual objectification of women and this kind of language that really promotes, just you know, sleeping with women despite, you know, consent."

Orozco Rodriguez also says the documents were attached to a post addressed to pledges of the fraternity; which allegedly tells the prospective new members not to share the document or they would be dropped from TKE immediately.

She took the information to the school newspaper, the Nevada Sagebrush, which then released an article. The article influenced university officials to take action.

"We've now opened an investigation, so they're on interim suspension right now while the conduct office conducts the investigation,” says UNR Dean of Students Kimberly Thomas. “Their national office also has them on interim suspension so they are not to be carrying on activities as a fraternity as we are investigating."

University officials say they don't know what the future looks like for TKE, but they will be looking at other Greek life organizations to see if there are similar things happening in other sororities and fraternities.