UNR School of Mines exempt from mining royalty tax

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Nevada's attorney general has concluded the University of Nevada, Reno is exempt from a state tax on net proceeds at a mine owned by its School of Mines.

The Nevada Appeal reports the attorney general's office recently issued an opinion regarding the mineral tax due on royalties at a mine in Humboldt County.

The mine is owned by the university but operated by the Marigold Mining Company.

The School of Mines receives royalties from the operations, and state law typically requires royalty recipients to report them to the Department of Taxation to calculate the tax due.

But the opinion written by Deputy Attorney General Brandee Mooneyhan says the royalty recipient is taxed only if the recipient is a person. She says that because the university is not a person under Nevada law, no tax is due.

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