UNR Early Head Start needs back to school donations

RENO, NV (KOLO) - As kids make their way back to school one organization is collecting donations to get them ready. Lexie’s Gift is collecting fall items for UNR’s Early Head Start. The organization is urging the community to donate and help the kids.

Lexie’s Gift is an organization that helps our communities. Barbie Marcoe’s with the organization said it is asking for gently used school clothes they can give to the families.

The school serves about 200 people and it’s not just the zero to three year olds they serve, but their families too.

UNR’s Early Head Start Megan Schwarzrock said the school needs back to school attire. She said, “Everybody who had summer clothing, could be completely without clothing, going into the fall, so we need long sleeves, coats, pants, hats, all of that good winter stuff.”

Marcoe said the organization really needs shoes. She said kids are not allowed on the playground without proper footwear.

“New canvas type tennis shoes, like converse type tennis shoes, we just can’t get enough shoes, we are out,” said Marcoe.

She continued, “UNR kind of took us out the other day, when they came in, which is great and we love it, but we need to refill our shelves with canvas tennis shoes.”

You can click here for more information: https://www.lexiesgift.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Edj0SY7rlb1pRzb1bHpAO4ocC5pIM2f-JCoKi-69Sos_rqlAmvQWiCZg

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