Two arrested for selling pot to Carson City middle school students

Photo courtesy: MGN.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO)-- The Carson City Sheriff’s Office arrested two teenagers Wednesday as part of an investigation into marijuana sales to middle school students.

The suspects, both 16 years old and one a boy and one a girl, were booked on possession of a controlled substance, furnishing narcotics to a minor, conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substance act and possession of paraphernalia.

School resource officers passed along a tip to the sheriff’s office about teens selling marijuana at a middle school. That led to a search warrant and finding items consistent with selling marijuana.

Anyone who information about drug sales or people illegally giving marijuana to children are asked to call the Drug Hotline at or Special Enforcement Team Sgt. Daniel Gonzales at 775-283-7888 or email DGONZALES@CARSON.ORG.

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