Driver crashes into Reno home

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Crews have removed a truck from a home south of the East Liberty Street and Ryland Street intersection in Reno.

Police attempted to stop a man driving a Toyota Tundra late the night of January 1, 2018 because they say his tail lights were not working and he was speeding.

The driver in the truck was driving east on East Liberty Street and took a sharp right hand turn at Ryland Street.

The driver hit a curb, launching all four wheels off the ground for several feet in a parking lot. The truck then hit a BMW and eventually slammed into a home.

The driver ran away, but police found and arrested him. They say he was likely on drugs.

Police report no serious injuries, but took the truck driver to a hospital.

The Red Cross is helping the family who was living in the home that was hit.