Travel Nevada promotes tourism with Area 51 scavenger hunt

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) Travel Nevada is using the Storm Area 51 event to promote tourism in communities along the Extraterrestrial Highway. The rea 51 Intergalatic Scavenger Hunt has 51 areas of alien expertise experiences for visitors to complete.

"The Extraterrestrial Highway is already a staple of what we promote and this just gives us a little extra limelight a little extra spotlight on the ET highway and we're creating a lot of content around this and we'll continue using this to promote the road," Bethany Drysdale, of Travel Nevada, says.

When you complete certain tasks you can win spacey swag like stickers, buttons and pins.

"If you know what to ask for you'll get those surprises at businesses along the way."

As small as it may seem, every visitor brings business to the local communities.

"In a town of 50 or so people 100 visitors is a big impact and in a town like Alamo or Pahrump seeing a couple hundred people come through is a direct economic impact to their community," Drysdale says.

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