Troubles continue for Amtrak from Reno to Sacramento

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Amtrak service from Reno to Sacramento was suspended last Tuesday after an avalanche covered the tracks with snow.

Passengers at the Reno Amtrak terminal Sunday morning after learning the train out of Reno had been delayed again. Photo by Gianna Giorgi/KOLO.

The first train since the closure was scheduled to leave Sunday morning, but was delayed until late Sunday afternoon, causing even more travel issues.

Amtrak passengers trying to get to Sacramento say when they went to the station and found out the trip was delayed they had to find other options, and add there weren’t many.

Friday Sonja Kerschner and her sister came to Reno from Sacramento for a show, but the whole trip turned into a circus.

“We had reserved, I believe Wednesday or earlier this week. Thursday we got a call that both of our trips had been canceled, the one here and the one back today. Then we found out no, no it’s okay; you can take the bus both ways,” says Kerschner.

After riding a delayed Amtrak bus and making the show on time, they checked to make sure their return bus was going to be on time.

“We never got notification that today had been changed. We even called yesterday to confirm 8:36 departure time on our bus and then we were told actually, no, it left at 8:00 a.m. No one ever told us,” says Kerschner.

Kerschner says Amtrak tried to get both her and her sister on later buses, but concerned they wouldn’t make it back for their classes, they ended up taking Greyhound instead.

“They said they’d try and fit us on, even though they are sold out. It’s nice that they are trying but it’s like, well, where was the communication to begin with because then we wouldn’t be in this position.”

Another group of six ladies flew to Reno for a girl’s weekend but planned to take the train back home to the Bay Area.

“We are reading a book and we decided that we would share our Michelle Obama experience, our first chapter, and we thought that the ride on the Amtrak would be a good way to talk about what we’ve read so far,” Bay Area resident Arrieanna Lombard said.

Lombard says her group didn’t receive any notification that the train would be delayed until late afternoon or possibly later.

“Pretty frustrating because, you know, with any trip when you are ready to go home, you’re ready to go home. So when we arrived we did not expect to be waiting for another train and possibly a bus,” says Lombard.

An Amtrak worker says no explanation was given for the delay, other than the train is late coming from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Passengers who didn’t wait for a later train say they were given a refund.