Town hall held in Reno to address affordable housing

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The problem is simple. There aren’t enough places to live in our state that people can afford.

“Statewide we are looking at a 100,000-unit shortfall right now, and that’s not looking at future deficits which could get even worse,” said Greta Seidman of Nevada HAND.

The severity of the issue is why there wasn’t a single seat available at Wednesday’s town hall meeting held at Moana Nursery’s Landscape & Design Center.

“The data is staggering and it's challenging just to wrap your head around sometimes,” said Katie Coleman of the Nevada Housing Coalition, which organized the town hall.

The coalition says more than 116,000 households in the state pay more than half of their monthly income on rent.

“We are facing a shortage of homes for people of low income but that is expanding into median incomes as well,” Seidman added.

The coalition is hoping to use the meeting to drum up support for what they say is a solution to the problem – a state tax credit – which would have to pass the state legislature.

“It could boost production by 400-600 statewide units, which is great, because our federal tax credit program produces about 1000 units in the state,” Seidman remarked when asked about the potential tax credit.

The Housing Coalition says housing is an issue in northern, southern, and rural Nevada.