Thousands of Thanksgiving meals served

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) More than 2,000 meals were served to people in need throughout Northern Nevada Thanksgiving Day by multiple organizations.

The Ruthless Ryders decided to swap the turkey for pizza and fed about 400 people at the Record Street Shelter.

"It's all about love," Jarson Lopez, a member of the Ruthless Ryders, said. "We just want to show the community, you know, we're not just a bunch of hoodlums causing ruckus. We're all family and we all support everybody."

At St. Vincent's, a traditional Thanksgiving meal was served to more than 1,000 people.

"I just love to do it. Once you do it, especially on the holidays, you can't stop coming back," Hank Dever, who has volunteered for more than a decade, said.

Over at Sierra Manor, the youngest volunteer, Quintin Sadler said he just wanted to help other people so he begged his family to find a place to volunteer.

"I want to feel good about myself," Sadler said. "I want to help other people."

Michael Walls is a senior living at Sierra Manor and said it is great having young people like Sadler come in and help out.

"It's everything," Walls said. "People are willing to give their time and their efforts and energy for us people who can't go about and do this stuff."